"Plato speaks of a mathematical intuition by which we perceive the structure of reality. It was through insight of this kind that Sir Isaac Newton was given his monumental vision of the order within the cosmos. Kurt Godel speaks of the insight through which we can perceive the truths of mathematics and compares this to Plato's understanding of how we encounter the Ideas. This 'seeing through' ordinary reality, if carried far enough, can bring us to a religious understanding."
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Morton T. Kelsey
Global Resonance Network
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The Global Resonance Network is emerging as the outcome of a vast global conversation -- the creative encounter and interactions of millions of people from every nation and culture in the world -- as a way to build a deep unity of spirit among diverse people and groups.

Resonance is a universal energy-bridge, a connecting link between people everywhere, transcending concepts and belief systems, creating a deep understanding beyond words. On the Global Resonance Network, we are identifying the presence of resonance, and doing what we can to spread its influence in every direction.

We are so glad you are here, and invite you to join the conversation through this network. We are considering the sacred mysteries of spirituality and religion, and unfolding ways that this understanding can provide a foundation for a new and transformed global culture based on peace and wisdom.

We hope you will want to grow and work with us, as we reach out across the world, co-creatively building the collective resonant field -- a shared energy field of mutual understanding, cooperation and trust, that brings out the best in everyone, and awakens the good to be found everywhere.

Dec 19, 2006

Mission Vision Network Democracy
A co-creative workspace for Universal Global Communion
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Global Resonance Network - Bruce Schuman
Mr Ravi gangadhariah Nayaka - Fri, Aug 31, 2007 - 7:09 AM
One Home for Humanity, i.e., Ekalavya Multiversity. Self Actualized Peace on Earth, Manifested in Reality for the Human Race. A humanist willing to make one home for humanity, to establish Ekalavya Multiversity. To exercise and execute Humanism as new universal religion for the citizens of earth. (We number 6 billion with hardly 1 billion stable families; Bricks are building blocks for housing. Likewise families are the building blocks of a Humane society. Since last 2000 yrs of human history people from all parts of the world mutually exploited each other including faith to their fullest extent.)Humans surpass a billion year of evolution within a span of 9 months before coming out our mother’s womb (worm hole), we lag here a lot due to ignorance. This being need of Time, yields “Humane physics”, a Humanistic science, and dream of Einstein. Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come-victor Hugo** Humane physics being a lifelong education in their lifetime. “We must put ourselves back to school with our forebears, to recall the myths that legitimize our existence and tell us how to live with godly power. ”origins of the sacred” * I require your kind co-operation to execute " Humane Physics" under "Ekalavya Multiversity", as an answer for, what, in the inheritance of 2000 years, can carry us forward into the increasingly shared time and space of our fast-globalizing world?, How, in the third millennium should we think of a common era. Thi . . . [see all]

Mr Ravi gangadhariah Nayaka - Fri, Aug 31, 2007 - 7:03 AM
Self induction is first and mutual induction is obvious. We get what we deserve not what we desire so we shall desire what we deserve so as all our deserved desires come true actually factually. we are the neutrons trigerring the Chain reaction. We all shall be Go(o)d for our own Go(o)dness, as by default everything is go(o)d {innate}. True nature of our Mother nature. Ravi Gangadharaiah Nayaka,