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Two-day Tour to Tianyuan, Changshu

Date:2019-11-20 10:02

  Transportation: bus, self-driving
  Routine recommendation:
  First day:
  Morning: set out to Changshu.
  Noon: eat the Chinese food after the arrival.
  Afternoon: visit water reed marshes - Shajiabang, enjoying the pastoral scenery; visit the film base, reliving the story of Shajiabang.

  Second day:
  Morning: visit Yushan National Forest Park: climb high to look far into the distance, tour the ancient city wall, and enjoy the view of the ancient city.
  Afternoon: visit Shang Lake, or go to Kuncheng Lake for leisure and tea or to Haixing Island for sightseeing.
  Cost reference:
Shajiabang ¥100 per person (June to November), ¥70 per person ((January to May, December); Yu Mountain and Shang Lake tourist resort ¥30 per person, Yushan cableway (one-way ¥40 per person, two-way ¥60)