Innovative Marketing Solutions: Catch the Customer’s Eye

The world is coming closer; globalization is bringing us all together like one big country. We are sharing data and information across borders and continents in no time. Technological advances have changed the way we live, work, share, shop and communicate. While technology has impacted every part of our lives, it has also made the companies providing services and products to think out of the box about reaching out to customers, branding themselves and ensuring sustainable and profitable sales numbers by devising innovative marketing solutions.

Marketing strategies and plans have evolved from what we can call their Neanderthal days when a placard or a board would suffice for and as your advertising need. Today, the number or service and product providers have increased to a peak and there is a lot whole of options and choices to choose from that customers have at their disposal. Customers today are spoilt for choices by the service and product provider themselves, customer is the King indeed. A part of the reason for this leverage that customers have is due to mobility across borders in lesser time and the internet and technology, which is providing faster and quicker sharing of information.

Giving the scenario of today, where users can compare products and services for price, quality, features and benefits, extra value has to be added into the products and this can be done by working and coming up with some innovative marketing solutions. For example, companies are now painting their transport trucks more innovatively rather than paint over just the company logo or name. Social media is being used as a part of the marketing solutions and used to reach a wider and more targeted niche of customers, saving on resources in terms of human resources, time, money and energy. Companies are acting in more socially responsible way to connect at a deeper level with the customers. Though these activities may not be undertaken as a specific marketing tactic, they ensure a greater brand recall for customer when he goes to make a purchase for products.

Innovative marketing solutions aim at keeping your company abreast of competition in the customer’s mind and create a brand good will, value and makes the customer feels a connection with your brand. They help you catch the customer’s eye in the collage of choices in the market the customer sees every day when out to make a purchase, big or small. It would be worth a mention here to look at UCB’s branding, advertising and marketing activities. They depict that they believe and aim at the unity among all cultures and countries without demeaning any of their competitors. This is sensible and responsible yet an innovative marketing strategy.

Company’s need to analyze their strengths and opportunities and aim to connect with the customers for a lifetime at a more subliminal level rather than try to work around a platonic relationship which thrives on small term marketing and sales tactics for one time sale.

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